Are you ready for the 1st world in-person meeting of digital missionaries?

After the Via Crucis, head straight to Parque Cristonautas (Plaza Martim Moniz) to attend the 1st Catholic Influencers Festival on August 4, 2023. We will be waiting for you at 8:30 p.m. in the registration tent so you can access the area designed for digital missionaries.

How do I know if I am considered an influencer?

Are you a digital missionary? Are you a social media influencer, a podcaster, a youtuber or are you doing great work of evangelization in the Digital Continent? If so, you are and we are waiting for you!

Fill out the form on this site to start the registration process!

Will I be automatically registered once I fill out the form?

No. This is the first step in the process. After we verify the information you have provided, we will contact you directly through the social media account that you have indicated.

We will do this from our official account @laiglesiateescucha_ to provide you with a link where you can complete your registration.

Once you finish that second step of the process, you will receive an email with confirmation that your registration has been successful.

Is the festival exclusive for influencers?

No, everyone, including your social media followers and friends, will also be able to attend. There will be an area where they won´t need to register for.

How can I get to Cristonautas Park?

The Plaza de Cristonautas is located in Plaza Martim Moriz, less than 30 minutes walk from where the Via Crucis will be held on Friday afternoon.

Walking is undoubtedly the best way to access and arrive on time at the Festival.

Does the 1st Catholic Influencers Festival cost?

Access is completely free and is open to all Catholic influencers who wish to attend.

To access the limited area for Catholic influencers, it is necessary to register here in advance. The capacity in this area is limited, so don't think twice and register today so you don't run out of space. Your social media followers and friends will also be able to attend, but they will be in the general area.

I won´t be at the WYD at Lisbon, can I still attend?

Don't worry, join the festival through Zoom!

Once registered, you will receive the link for the 1st Catholic Influencers Festival.

Will there be dinner?

Yes, for all the Catholic influencers registered, we will have a dinner pack prepared in the registration and access tent.

Will there be WCs?

Yes do not worry! We have a bathroom area for all registered influencers.

What is Cristonautas Park like?

It's amazing! Check out this video!

Will there be translators?

Yes, we will have translation to different languages, to which you can connect through your cellphone.

Do not forget to bring your headphones to be able to listen without disturbing the other attendees!